Currency Exchange Peer-to-Peer

How it works

Detailed description of the peer-to-peer exchange process via our website

Welcome to the global online center for the direct person-to-person money exchange! This site lets you buy or sell money of any country in any country. It works everywhere, including the places where there aren't any banks or exchanges. It lets you exchange both paper money and coins, including the collectibles. Both online and offline exchange. It lets you sell at market rate or specify a rate and wait till the market moves and someone takes your exchange offer. Place your ad for free now!

The best exchange rate

No buy-sell prices, you exchange at some price in the middle. Both you and your peer always get a good exchange rate.

Anywhere you go

The website is available in any country, any city, any location where you have Internet access

Any currency or coins

You are not restricted to just USD or EUR, buy or sell any currency, bills, or coins

Online or offline

We can arrange online or offline exchange, whatever is needed. Each transaction is closely monitored and rated.

Have some leftover money after a trip abroad?

Use this website to sell any leftover currency/bills/coins

Heading abroad and need some local currency?

Use this website to buy some foreign money

How to use

  1. Add your offer to this website: "Buying SGD 1000 at market rate, online" or "Selling THB 10,000 , normal cash"
  2. Other users clarify the details in the chat: "Would you buy SGD 800?" or "Could you post an image?"
  3. Come to an agreement about the exchange terms with an interested user. Use a special form in the chat to suggest a transaction. The form has fields to specify the exact price, amount, meeting place, and other details: "Let's meet at Bank ABC and exchange 100 at 1.75" "Sure, confirmed!"
  4. If the transaction is accepted, the peers get the contact information of each other, and perform the exchange operation OR exchange is performed online.
  5. The peers confirm the completion and leave a review for each other.