Currency Exchange Peer-to-Peer


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

All services are currently free.

Who is it for?

Exchange any money anywhere at a good rate. It is a great service for travelers! Please spread the word to help us help you.

Can you do everything for me?

Contact us and let us know what banknotes or coins you would like to sell. We will place the ad for you and let you know when someone replies.

Can I place an ad by email?

Easy! Take photos of the front and back of your bills or coins and email to . We will do everything else for you.

What could help perform the operation safely

  • Check your peer's government issued id
  • Arrange a meeting inside a bank where you both have accounts
  • Exchange near an ATM or another place where you and your peer can verify or deposit the money immediately
  • Exchange large amounts in small portions
  • Ask your peer to make a security deposit to cep2p

Need more protection?

We are adding security deposits soon. You will be able to ask your peer to make a security deposit to cep2p. The deposit will protect you. It is only refunded after you both report that the operation was successfully completed. If your peer fails to fulfill the obligations, the peer's deposit will be used for compensation. We are also planning to provide insurance services. When possible, the operation could be conducted online.

Transaction status explanations

If peers agree to use the "Simple, no deposit" transaction type


If peers agree to use the "With deposit" transaction type


If peers agree to use the "Online via a third party" transaction type


What do I need to provide exchange services in my country?

If you provide money exchange services, you might need a license. Check the corresponding laws. If you are just selling small amounts of your own cash, most likely you don't need anything. See this page for more information.

My business can help people perform p2p exchange

We are open to business offers. Please contact us for more information